APK GENERATOR ERROR : Could not create an instance of type com.android.build.gradle.internal.dsl.SigningConfig_Decorated.
This issue is happening because the APK generator can’t write in 2 folders :
.android/ and .gradle
Those folders should be created in the home folder of your Siberian system user.
To fix this issue : 
  • If you don’t known your user’s home folder ,  download this file and upload it at the root of your Siberian folder then call it in your browser:
    • http://your.siberian.url/userinfo.php
  • Once you have your user data : From SSH , go in the home folder :
    • cd [path to the siberian user home folder]  (for instance, your home path is /var/www the command would be cd /var/www)
  • create the two folders with this command :
    • mkdir .android .gradle
  • then give the ownership of those folder to your siberian system user :
    • chown user:group .gradle .android (for instance if the user is www-data and group www-data , the command would be chown www-data:www-data .android .gradle
  • For whm user : Check that fork bomb protection is disabled and that the shell setting is set to normal to your user. (Home >> Account Functions >> Manage Shell Access)
  • For isp config user : The home folder is set as immutable , to remove this do :
    • chattr -i [home folder] (for instance, your home path is /var/www/web10  the command would be chattr -i/var/www/web10 )





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