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  • Unlimited apps and clientsYou can create unlimited apps and manage unlimited clients.
  • Host on your serverYou are free and independent with the CMS on your own server.
  • Install yourselfThe CMS is installed by you, or by us through our install service.
  • Complete source codeYou can customize the whole solution and create your own features.
  • Pay one time for lifetimeThe CMS is yours for lifetime.
  • Multi-language enabledThe CMS can be transleted in all languages.
  • Users/clients backendYour users and clients have a backend to manage their apps.
  • Your admin backendYou have a specific backend to manage everything.
  • App builder integratedOf course, the main thing is the drag&drop builder.
  • App Sources generatorYou can generate the apps sources whenever you need.
  • Apps with offline modeThe apps work offline if you enable it.
  • One year supportOne year of support and support services is included the first year. The year(s) after you can choose to pay a monthly support (49€), a yearly support (249€), or no support at all.
  • Lifetime Free UpdatesYou have a full and lifetime access to the software updates.
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  • Unlimited apps and clientsYou can create unlimited apps and manage unlimited clients.
  • Hosted on our serversYou don't have access to the files.
  • Installed by usThe CMS is installed by our team.
  • No access to the codeYou cannot customize the solution. After 12 months of subscription you get an access to the code
  • Cancel anytimeYou can cancel anytime. In addition, during the first 30 days, you can cancel and ask for money back.
  • Multi-language enabledThe CMS can be transleted in all languages.
  • Users/clients backendYour users and clients have a backend to manage their apps.
  • Your admin backendYou have a specific backend to manage everything.
  • App builder integratedOf course, the main thing is the drag&drop builder.
  • App Sources generatorYou can generate the apps sources whenever you need.
  • Apps with offline modeThe apps work offline if you enable it.
  • Support w/ subscriptionUntil you have an active subsription you have access to the support and support services
  • Free updates w/ subscriptionUntil you have an active subsription you have access to the software updates.

“I have to tell you guys, you are doing a great job, we have tried many app creators, but this one is the best.”

Team of Stream LDN

“Needless to say I think your product is outstanding!”

John McKinnon

“Thank you for developing such an amazing tool for creating APP.”

K. Chaudhry

Features to include in your apps

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Your back end to manage everything with a fingertip control

Manage your App from your Dashboard with Siberian CMS App Maker


At a glance, manage all your operations from your dashboard: from how many push notifications have been sent to how many customersare using your CMS.

Manage your users with Siberian CMS App Maker

Manage Users

From your back end you can manage all your users, the apps which they are associated to, if they are still allowed to login, if they can build the apps from their account, etc.

Create roles for your users with Siberian CMS App Maker

User roles

Create as many roles as needed to allow your users to access specific parts of your CMS. You can define if a user can access a specific feature, and even a specific page of his app.

Translate your app with Siberian CMS App Maker


Your CMS is multi-lingual. Install language packages from our marketplace, and/or add new languages in one click and translate easily from a simple interface.

Preview your app with Siberian CMS App Maker

Previewer App

Let your users live test their apps on their mobile thanks to your previewer app. A pre-made app you can customize with your own colors and logo to bring a premium service all along with your app maker. (Paid module)

Publish your apk & iOS automatically with Siberian CMS App Maker

Generating APK &iOS Auto-Publish

Eliminate the hassle of generating apps manually. You can click on a button to build them automatically to get them published on the app stores. (available on commercial editions for Android, and as a paid module for iOS)

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Multi-Apps Edition FAQ

What is Siberian Multi-Apps Edition (Siberian MAE)?
]Siberian MAE is an app builder software you can host on your web server. By installing it once, you can create and manage as many apps as you need from one backend. Thus, unlike Siberian Single App Edition, you don't have to install it each time you want to create and manage a new app.[
Is it a price we pay once, or is it per year, is there a price per app?
]If you choose the one time price at 249€, you only pay once, and you get the complete software. Nothing more to pay. If you choose the monthly price at 79€ per month, you pay a subscription of 79€ per month with the hosting included, and there is nothing to pay more. Many of you are asking if there is a price per app: no cost per app! You can use it without any limit![
Can I begin with the 79€/month and then switch to the plan at 249€?
]Yes it is possible to test with the 79€ per month pack and then to change for the plan at 249€. If you change for this plan we will give you a backup of your database so that you will be able to keep your previous data.[
What is the difference between the Multi-Apps Edition and the Platform Edition?
]The MAE is a solution which is well adapted if you want to sell apps "on the field", meaning that you find clients, you create their apps and then you give them access to their panel so that they can manage their apps. No need to install it again each time you have to create an app, and you manage all your apps from one backend. There is no online self-registration for your clients, meaning they will not be able to create an account on your MAE and then begin to create their apps independently. You will have to create them an account, and to give them the authorization for managing their apps. The Platform Edition, is more evolved than the MAE. It's a complete solution to sell apps online like we do with our clients can create their account online, create their apps themselves and then pay us when they want their apps to get live. You create the pricing plans you want to offer, and a payment gateway is integrated allowing you to get recurring payment each month.[
Is there any limitation?
]With the version at 249€, there is absolutely no limitation, and nothing to pay more. You get the complete software on your server, and we provide you support, free updates, improvements and features.With the version at 79€ per month, the only limitation is you don't have the complete source code of the software, but an access to the design files if you want to customize them. The code is completely released to your after a 12 months subscription. But there is no other limit, you have support, free updates, improvements and features.[
I am not a developer, will I be able to use this edition?
]Our clients are sales/marketing manager with no coding skills, so yes you will be able to manage your edition, absolutely no coding is required.[
What can I do with it?
]You can create as many mobile apps as you need, manage them whenever you want from your backend, and let your clients manage their apps on your backend with their own access.[
Do I have to pay a subscription or are there hidden fees?
]In the version at 249€, there is absolutely no subscription. No subscription, no hidden fees. The price is 249€ one-off, and there is anything more to pay. You pay it once for life, you download it and that's all, nothing more to pay. All is hosted on your server, and you are completely independent.[
What kind of apps can I create?
]You should take a look at the features page and let your imagination do the rest.[
Who is behind Siberian CMS?
]Siberian CMS is edited by Xtraball, an innovative and experienced French company running software for6 years and Siberian CMS for5 years.[
Do you already have some clients in my country?
]We are working with countries all over the world: North and South America (US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and more), Middle East countries, European countries, Africa and Asia.[
What about upgrades?
]Siberian CMS is a solution on which we work full-time and thus there will be upgrades, and new built-in features. Upgrades on the Commercial Editions and built-in features for the same version will be free to download for all buyers. (First version is 1.0.0, upgrades for this version will be 1.x.x).[
Do we have documentation for us and our clients?
]Yes we will give you access to a complete documentation on how to use the platform, the features and how to publish apps quickly.[
Will users and clients be able to create their account themselves on the platform?
]No, you will have to create access to your clients from your Siberian backend. If you want your users to be able to self register and then create their apps and pay directly on your solution, you should purchase the Platform Edition.[
Will I, or my clients be able to create apps with no coding skills?
Is it White Label?
]Yes of course! But more than that it will just be yours, not simply a white label solution from a provider, but your own solution. It is possible to customize it in your colors and name since you get the source code.[
Are you publishing the apps?
]You have the choice, to publish the apps yourself, let your clients publish the apps themselves, or pay us to publish your apps. If you publish yourself, to help you with the publication process, we offer articles and videos explaining how to publish an app on the Apple App Store in less than 15min, and less than 5min for Google Play. And with the APK Generator, you don't have to compile any Android apps, it is automatically compiled. If you prefer that we publish the apps for you, you can buy our publication service from here (pricing is for one app, one submission).[
Are the apps already compiled and ready to be submitted to the stores?
]For the APKs (Android app), yes, the APKs will be automatically generated. The IPA file for the iOS apps can't be automatically compiled from a server, because the compilation process must be done through the Xcode software from Apple, and thus from an Apple computer. That means that iOS apps must be compiled manually, and Android apps will be automatically generated. The automatic generation of the APKs needs a dedicated server or a VPS (Virtual Private Server), not a shared server. See the server requirements below.[
How to publish the apps on the stores?
]Once you have bought your edition, we give you access to the documentation about how to publish the apps on Google Play Store and on the App Store. On our side, when we publish apps, it takes around 3 to 5 minutes for an Android app, and 15 minutes for an iOS app.[
Can we sell online?
]If you want to sell apps online with subscriptions and/or fees, you should purchase the Platform Edition, which is made for that.[
Can we manage our clients?
]Yes. With Siberian MAE you have a backend to manage your clients, to create their access and rights on their apps.[
What are the languages integrated in the solution?
]Siberian Platform Edition is offered in English and more languages can be added by translating the language files by yourself or by downloading available languages from here. These languages are automatically selected depending on the user browser language for the backend, and depending on the phone language for the apps.[
Is this solution open-source?
]Siberian Open-Source Edition is the only solution which is strictly open-source and under OSL license, menaning that it can be, among other things, distributed and modified freely. Siberian MAE is under commercial license, but is delivered with source code, that means you can, among other things, modify it, adpat it, but you can't distribute and sell it, even modified (you can sell apps made with it but you can't copy Siberian MAE and sell it). For more information about the License you can take a look at the complete description.[
What is included in this price?
Do we have a previewer mobile app?
]Yes, Siberian MAE is released with a previewer mobile application which is called "Apps Company Previewer". It's a previewer app with no mention of Siberian CMS or our company. And if you want a specific previewer app, you can buy this service here.[
Do I have to credit Siberian CMS in my apps or in the solution?
Can we customize it to our own needs?
Is it possible to buy the Multi-Apps Edition and then buy a Platform Edition and transfer my clients and apps in it?
]There are two options regarding the payment aspect:First one is you can buy the Platform and pay the difference. In this case your support will last until the anniversary date of your Multi-Apps purchase, and you would have to pay the full price one year after your first purchase if you want to have support for a new 12 months (updates are free for lifetime).Second option is you pay the full price of the Platform Edition and you get support for 12 months from this platform purchase.Regarding your apps and clients: it is an upgrade so, yes, you will retrieve your apps and clients of your Multi-Apps Edition in your Platform Edition.[
Do you offer custom developments?
]Yes we do, don't hesitate to contact us. You can also post your project on or other platforms to find a developer. Beware to not send to external developers a copy of your Siberian Platform Edition, it is forbidden by the Siberian PE License. What you can do is to give to these developers an access to a development instance of Siberian PE on your server, or to let them download the Siberian Single App Edition which is free and open-source. For example if you need to create a specific new feature, developers have not to work on Siberian PE but can use Siberian open-source version to develop it. If you are a developer, don't hesitate to contact us.[
What kind of support are you offering?
]We offer a specific Forum for the commercial edition owners on which you can post your questions, and an access to the bug ticket system so that you can be in touch directly with the tech team, in case of any bug.The support is included the first year, and then, if you need it, it is yearly (249€/year for the Multi-Apps Edition). However, the updates are free for lifetime. That means if you don't renew the support the next year you will still get the updates for free.[
What kind of hosting do I need?
]If you choose the solution hosted by us, you don't have to bother with the hosting, we manage it for you, it is included in the price.If you choose the solution you host yourself, it is classic web server requirements offered by most of the host providers worldwide:
  • Server Requirements
    • Supported OS: Linux
    • Supported server: Apache 2 or newer
    • PHP 5.6 or 7.0.x
    • MySQL 4.1 or newer
    • PHP and Apache extensions :
      • GD
      • PDO MySQL
      • Simplexml
      • Curl
      • mbstring
      • DOM
      • Exec
      • ZipArchive
After that, it depends on your business activity. However, we recommend getting a dedicated server or a VPS (Virtual Private Server). The minimum for the RAM should be at least 2Gb (you can start with 1Gb, but with 2Gb you will be more comfortable), for the space disk you should start with 20Gb (you can start with 10Gb, but with 20Gb you shouldn’t need to upgrade for a few years). This kind of configuration let you manage several hundreds of apps, for instance. But once again it depends on your activity level.About the bandwidth, once again it depends on your activity level, but you can be sure that a 1TB of bandwidth per month, or 100Mbs (depending on how it is offered by your provider), will be more than enough for thousands of apps.Regarding the Linux distribution installed on your server, ideally, the Linux distributions should be Centos or Debian from version 6, Ubuntu from version 10.04, Fedora from version 20. Try to get a control panel with your server, like cPanel or Parallel Plesk panel, it will be simpler for you to install your edition, and all the things you need to be installed on your server prior installing Siberian CMS will be installed.If you want that the APKs are generated automatically, you will need a dedicated server or a VPS (Virtual Private Server), otherwise you will have to generate them manually (this isn't complicated and takes a few minutes par APK, a complete documentation is available).We recommend the VPS offered by OVH (SSD 1 at least) because they represent the best quality-price ratio:- OVH VPS (Choose "Plesk" for the distribution, and "Parallel Plesk 12 on CentOS 6" for the version + add a Plesk Licence "Webadmin").This way your server will be completely setup and ready to host your Siberian edition.[
How are push notifications working? Do I need to install anything special?
]No, all you have to do is to fill out the GCM Key and the Project ID for Android notifications in your backend (the process takes 5 minutes), and that will work for all your apps (no need to do it for each app). For iOS, the notifications have to be set up when the app is published (a creation of a certificate that is explained in our documentation).[
And if there is a bug?
]Our work is to improve the platform and solve bugs that could occur even if we have tested the solution before releasing it. Upgrades and fixes will be released in the case you find a bug. And if you encounter a bug on your install, you can create a bug ticket in your dedicated support access and the tech team will fix it asap.[
Are you offering hosting plans?
]No, sorry but we can tell you what are the best hosting solution & providers for Siberian MAE. If you don't know what to choose, don't hesitate to ask us.[
Are you providing a frontend website?
]No, a frontend website for your marketing presentation is not provided with the software. Most of our clients create a frontend website with Wordpress and a premade template on their main domain, and create some buttons like "create your apps", and/or "signin/signup" to redirect their users/clients to their MAE installed on a subdomain like apps.maindomain for example.[
Do you offer installation service on my hosting?
]If you choose the one time price at 249€ and you prefer that we install your edition for you, and if your hosting is compatible with Siberian MAE, you can buy an installation service here.If you choose the monthly price at 79€ per month, the installation is included in the price, we install it for you.[
Which platforms and devices are supported?
]Apps made with Siberian can be published on Google Play for Android devices and on the Apple App Store for iOS devices. In terms of devices, that means Android phones and tablets, iPhones (4 to X) and iPads. In term of OS version, Siberian CMS supports Android version starting from 4.2 version and versions above (very last version included), and iOS starting from 8.0 version and versions above (very last version included). In most of the cases the new OS versions support the apps made for older versions, but if they don't it is our job to update the CMS to support the very last versions of each OS.[
How the apps are updated?
]Apps made with Siberian don't need to be republished when your client edits his app for the most part of the app. To know more about what can and can't be edited after the apps are published, you can take a look at this article.[
Do apps made with this system work offline?
]Yes. Apps work offline. At the first launch of the app a window asks the user if he wants to download the content of the app to get it offline.[
Can I import apps made at another provider?
]You can't transfer the content of an app made at another provider. What you can do is to update your existing app by creating a new version of this app on the stores. You will need for each app the keystore certificate and its associated password to update the Android version. For iOS updates, nothing is required from the previous provider. For both stores, you will need the developer account credentials of course.[
Is it possible to install it on several servers?
]No. Siberian MAE is a one install license (one for production and one for development and tests). If you want to install several versions, you will have to buy Siberian MAE as many times as you want to install it.[
Is it possible to resell Siberian Multi-Apps Edition?
]No. Siberian MAE is sold by Xtraball only, and can't be sold by another entity. You can only sell apps made with the solution. If you are a company and you want to sell your company to another, you can, of course, sell the license to the other company. For more information please refer to the licence.[
Siberian CMS