The service


Siberian CMS is the leading open-source CMS for building mobile applications. It has been launched in March 2014. It allows everyone, from the non tech-savvy user to the experienced developer, to create mobile applications with ease.
Like in the website world where CMS are the preferred systems for creating a website, a CMS for mobile applications has great advantages compared to online platforms as the user:

  • owns the software, and so he is independent from the provider of the system
  • can customize the software to his or his client’s needs
  • can create his own features, and so make the software evolve

Especially, it is true for agencies and developers who create apps for their clients and cannot be tied to a provider and, for example, loose their clients’ apps if the provider shuts down the service, or be stuck with the features provided with no option to develop their own ones.


The company


Siberian CMS has been launched by Xtraball, a French company created in 2012 working in the mobile applications area.

The company has grown significantly after launching Siberian CMS and is working with thousands of clients from all over the world. The software has reached its 100k downloads in January 2017.

It is used by agencies mainly, consultants and developers. Some clients are also from the education area like the Government of Belize for one of his educational program, the Barking and Dagenham college in the UK, or from the network operator area like Orange, the European leading operator.



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