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Build unlimited apps from amazing features

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Features – Editor&Analytics



  • Create easily from a drag & drop interfaceanalytics

  • Customize your app designanalytics

  • Get your own resellers network if neededanalytics

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  • analyticsGet complete reports from installs to page views

  • analyticsMonitor your app with insights from features

  • analyticsDownload users’ lists from marketing operations

Features – Backoffice

Your back end to manage all with a fingertip control

  • dashboard


    At a glance manage all your operations from your dashboard: from on many push notifications has been sent to how many customers are using your CMS.

  • analytics

    Manage Users

    From your back end you can manage all your users, the apps to which they are associated, if they are still allowed to login, if they can build the apps from their account, etc.

  • analytics

    User roles

    Create as many roles as needed to allow your users to access to specific parts of your CMS. You can define if a user can access to a specific feature, and even to a specific page of his app.

  • analytics


    Your CMS is multi-lingual. Install language packages from our marketplace, and/or add new languages in one click and translate easily from a simple interface.

  • analytics

    Previewer App

    Let your users live test their apps on their mobile thanks to your previewer app. A pre-made app you can customize with your own colors and logo to bring a premium service all along with your app builder. (Paid module)

  • analytics

    Generating APK &iOS Auto-Publish

    Eliminate the hassle of generating apps manually. You can click on a button to build them automatically to get them published on the app stores. (available on paid versions for Android, and as a paid module for iOS)

  • gateway

    Payment Gateways

    Available in your Platform Edition: add several payment gateways to let your clients pay their subscriptions on your platform. Choose from Paypal, 2Checkout or Stripe.

  • analytics

    Invoices & Subscriptions

    Available in your Platform Edition: all is automated, from charging your clients based on the pricing plans you have set to creating their invoices. You can lean back and watch your revenues grow.

  • preview

    Previews popups

    A simple way to improve the user experience in your CMS: add and manage popup to allow your users to preview a feature before adding it to their applications. You can duplicate the previews in all languages.

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