Check each step one by one:

1. Have you filled out the GCM Key and Sender ID in Settings > Push?

2. Did you generate the APK after having filled out the GCM key and Sender ID in Settings > Push? If not you will have to generate the APK again.

3. When you have generated your GCM keys for the Android Push notifications, did you activate the Google Cloud Messaging API? Here is the process:
– Go on
– login with the Google account you have used to create the keys
– open the project you have created to get your API keys
– From the left menu “APIs & Auth” click on “APIs”
– enable “Google Cloud Messaging for Android”

4. In your Google account at if you click on your project and then you go in “Credentials” from the left menu, then under “Key for browser applications” check you don’t have entered any IP address. Any IP address must be entered, if you have entered one, remove it and save. You can also check this article for the complete process of creating your Android push API keys:





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