Submission on stores

We publish your app on the stores under your own developer account. You just have to send us your project and we will compile it for IOS, Android or both. Then we’ll submit your app on the store you want.

The costs are:

Buy the option you need, and we will send you what we need from you to publish your app.

After having sent the required info and file, the  delay for your app to be published on the stores are:

  • for Google Play: 3 to 4 days
  • for App Store: 7 to 10 days (it takes longer for the App Store since the Apple Team has to review your app)

Be sure your app meets the requirements if you want to publish it on the App Store.


Plugins and features development

We offer two options for development costs:

  • first option, you want this feature/template only for you and not to be distributed by us to other clients (as a paid or free feature): our development costs are 400€ per day of development. Thus the total cost will depend on the level of developments for each features. After that, if you want, you can also sell it on our marketplace to other resellers and make some profits. We offer this kind of development only for specific developments that are too specific to be interesting to improve the CMS. In this case we inform you in the quotation.
  • second option, you want a feature and we are interested by it because we think it will improve the CMS: our development costs are 150€ per day. By default this is option we offer if you ask for a quotation as, most of the time, the developments you request are interesting to enhance the CMS. If you want a specific development and you want to keep it private, and if this development is something interesting to enhance the product, we will not be able to do this development as it will be integrated in the product sooner or later. Your advantage with this option is to get your development done when you need it (not having to wait until it is integrated one day), and get it at a fraction of our daily price.