Development of a module to allow accredited users to track school buses, or warehouses to be notified when a delivery is arriving.

Some of the main specific features:

  • Allowing app admins to add users in the editor
  • Allowing app admins to associate a user to a bus
  • Allowing app admins to add pick-up and drop-off stops
  • Allowing accredited users to see the bus route on the map
  • Allowing accredited users to be notified when a delivery is approaching depending on the notification settings of the app admin


Remaining balance: 1950€
Once the payment is completed and the module delivered to the client, the module can be sold in the marketplace at the desired date of the client. As long as the module is in sale in the marketplace, the client will receive 47% on each sale, and Xtraball is in charge of the support and updates of the module.


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