Create plans with other kind of payment solutions than online ones. Accept checks, bank transfers of other kind of payment solutions.


Even if your clients haven’t paid on your platform, you can assign them a subscription


This module is useful in case you charge your clients from another payment system, outside your Siberian, and/or if you want to provide other payment methods than credit cards.


Does the client will have to choose a payment to get a subscription my platform?

No, you will be able to assign a subscription manually to any of your users, without having to make any payment, if this is your wish.

I have an external payment system, will I be able to assign subscription to my users?

Yes you will be able to assign them a subscription.

If I choose to offer an offline payment, how will it work

You will just have to create a new offline payment, enter your directives to the user, and then choose if you want to display this payment solution on your platform. Directives are useful to give your clients some instructions about how to pay you: your address for sending a check, your bank account info for making a bank transfer, etc), but they are not mandatory. If you have chosen to display this payment on your platform, it will be displayed in the payment page, and if you are already offering a payment by credit card this payment will be listed with it. Then if your client has chosen this payment option, he will just have to validate to see your directives. If you have chosen to not display it on your platform, you will have to use it when creating a manual subscription.



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